How do you use Unicef logo?

Always surround the UNICEF USA logo with the amount of clear space shown to ensure that the logo is easily identifiable as well as visible and legible wherever it appears. room” maintained around our logo. It also defines the minimum distance between the logo and the edge of a document.

Is UNICEF copyrighted?

UNICEF USA reserves all copyrights on material on its webpages, including photographs and graphic designs. The use of UNICEF USA material for any purpose, including repackaging in hard copy or compilation for CD-ROM or any other electronic media, is prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained.

The standard Sub-Brand logo is to be used for all UNICEF USA entities, including products, initiatives, membership groups, etc. The standard Sub-Brand logo is deliberately tied to the UNICEF USA logo to reinforce the Master Brand. Legacy logos will remain the same.

Does UNICEF have unlimited liability?

We do not limit in any way our liability by law for fraud or death or personal injury caused by our negligence or breach of statutory duty or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

What are the three main goals of UNICEF?

UNICEF insists that the survival, protection and development of children are universal development imperatives that are integral to human progress.


UNICEF is supported entirely by the voluntary contributions of governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations, corporations and private individuals. UNICEF receives no funding from the assessed dues of the United Nations. … Of all the National Committees, UNICEF USA has been around the longest.

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