How much does the founder of Charity Water make?

In 2017, Harrison received a salary of $325,278. The organization’s “chief water officer” received $293,442. In 2019, a new program was created to allow entrepreneurs to donate equity to Charity: water. When their companies are sold or go public, some of the proceeds are paid to the charity’s employees as bonuses.

How much does the CEO of charity: water make?

Harrison’s total compensation was $325,278 in 2017, according to public filings. The organization’s “chief water officer” made $293,442. The chief operating officer made $201,261.) The program also melded with the charity’s broader mission to disrupt the nonprofit world.

How does charity: water make money?

The 100% Model is powered by a small and dedicated group of private donors, known as The Well. These entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and business leaders fund our overhead costs – costs that include office rent, staff salaries and benefits, flights, and even the toner for our copy machine.

Is charity: water a legitimate charity?

charity: water is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2007, and donations are tax-deductible.

Who is Scott Harrison’s wife?

What does charity: water build?

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. We inspire giving and empower others to fundraise alongside us for sustainable water solutions.

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