Is Mercy Ships a good charity?

Is Mercy Ships a legitimate charity?

Mercy Ships is a Better Business Bureau accredited charity. Mercy Ships has built a broad base of financial support, beginning with donations from the public and from crew members. Medical companies donate pharmaceuticals, equipment, and supplies to Mercy Ships.

How much does the CEO of Mercy Ships make?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Tom Stogner Director/CEO $225,417
Fred Grote CFO $191,490
Curtis Klingleberger Project Manager GLM $175,050
Brian Barki Anesthesia Supervisor $161,102

How much of my donation goes to Mercy Ships?

79.2 cents of every dollar Mercy Ships spends goes straight to our ships and field operations to provide surgeries and world-class medical care to those who have no other hope. Just 6.8 cents is set aside for overhead expenses and general costs.

Do you get paid to work on Mercy Ships?

Crew fees are paid monthly with a base of USD $400.

Who is behind Mercy Ships?

“Over 38 years ago, Don Stephens had a vision to take healthcare to places in the world filled with poverty and suffering,” Gohmert said. “Today, he is president and founder of Mercy Ships, with international headquarters right in east Texas.

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Is Operation Smile a good charity to give to?

The Better Business Bureau has stated that Operation Smile is a registered and legitimate charity according to the current standards. … The standard for the BBB is that no more than 10% of board members be compensated directly or indirectly by the company. Operation Child has 3 out of 9 board members who are compensated.

How do I cancel my mercy ship?

(1) Select the email “opt out” or “unsubscribe” link, or follow the opt-out instructions included in each email communication. (2) Write to us at the address below. Be sure to provide your name, email and postal address, and specific relevant information about which communications that you no longer wish to receive.

Is the Salvation Army a legitimate charity?

The Salvation Army is not exactly a charity, as many people assume. It is a religious sect, and a fundamentalist one at that. It is part of the Religious Right and it has an agenda just as they do.

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