Is Oxfam A British charity?

Oxfam GB. leading UK charity fighting global poverty.

Is Oxfam national or international?

Looking for your nearest Oxfam

Oxfam is a global organization with affiliates in 20 countries. To see the information that is most relevant for you, visit your local Oxfam.

Who started Oxfam charity?

How much does the CEO of Oxfam get paid?

CEO compensation among charities in the United Kingdom

Charity CEO salary (£) CEO name
Oxfam 124,000 Mark Goldring
National Trust 179,000 Fiona Reynolds
Prince’s Trust 140,000 Martina Milburn
RSPCA 140,000 Jeremy Cooper

Is Oxfam a good charity to donate to?

Oxfam is widely recognised as having the best policies on sexual violence in the sector. But it now faces losing funding from DFID and the EU. The danger of this donor reaction to the Oxfam scandal is that other NGOs with less robust procedures will shy away from being open about abuse.

Which countries does Oxfam work in?

Where we work. Oxfam works in 67 countries around the world. We work together with more than 3,500 partner organisations, as well as allies and communities.

How many employees does Oxfam have 2020?

Our people, our team. Oxfam International Secretariat has less than 300 staff globally, while the Oxfam affiliates have around 10,000 staff and nearly 50,000 interns and volunteers located around the world, working in 90 countries, to end poverty and injustice and to save lives.

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