Quick Answer: What charities does Selena Gomez support?

As a UNICEF Ambassador, Selena has played an active role in advocating for the world’s most vulnerable children by participating in numerous campaigns, events, and initiatives on behalf of the UNICEF USA. Learn about how Selena has made a difference in the lives of children through her work with UNICEF.

How much money has Selena Gomez donated to charity?

As a UNICEF ambassador for over 10 years, advocacy has been an important part of Gomez’s life. Charity concerts that she’s put on to support the organization have raised over $200,000, helping UNICEF provide lifesaving therapeutic foods, clean water, medicines, immunizations and education to children worldwide.

Is Selena Gomez philanthropist?

Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, and philanthropist who rose to fame at an early age. She has become a huge inspiration for millions of people today. Although, just like everyone else, Selena had to come from somewhere. This is her story.

Why Selena Gomez is an inspiration?

She taught us that we are perfect EXACTLY the way we are and we shouldn’t change for ANYONE, she taught us that what makes you DIFFERENT is what makes you BEAUTIFUL. She just taught us all the things that no one cared to tell and most importantly… She INSPIRED us, and these are the reason why we love Selena Gomez.”

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What does Selena Gomez do for society?

Recently, Gomez has used her social media platforms to spread awareness about the social and racial injustices in the United States. Selena Gomez has also shown support for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the Malala Fund and Free the Children, among others.

What has Ariana Grande done for charity?

Ariana Grande has teamed up with First Responders Children’s Foundation to share the inspiring message of the selfless and dedicated first responders in healthcare, fire services, and public safety who never take a day off from protecting us.

What did Selena Gomez struggle with?

Last summer Gomez revealed that she underwent a kidney transplant due to complications from the auto-immune disease lupus. Soon after, Gomez opened up about to The Today Show about her longtime battle with pain, anxiety and depression, which she said stemmed from her lupus.

What university did Selena get accepted to?

At seventeen, Selena earned a high school diploma from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago and was also accepted at Louisiana State University. She enrolled at Pacific Western University, taking up business administration as her major subject.

Is Selena Gomez Hispanic or Latino?

Regarding her Hispanic heritage, Gomez has said she is “a proud third-generation American-Mexican” and that, “My family does have Quinceañeras, and we go to the communion church.

Was Selena Mexican American?

A singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, and even model, she is now at the heart of the new Netflix show Selena: The Series which premiered last week. Selena was born in Texas in 1971 to a Mexican-American father and mother of Mexican-American and Cherokee ancestry.

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