What are the 8 levels of charity?

What is the golden ladder of charity?

The Golden Ladder – or Rambam’s Ladder (Maimonides is sometimes called “Rambam”) – provides a guide to the significance of a charitable gift. The further one goes up the ladder, the more virtuous and meaningful the gift.

What did Maimonides say about tzedakah?

In the writings of Maimonides, “whoever gives tzedakah to the poor with a sour expression and in a surly manner, even if he gives a thousand gold pieces, loses his merit. One should instead give cheerfully and joyfully, and emphasize with him in his sorrow” (Just Tzedakah 1998).

Why is charity called man’s highest duty?

This proverb expresses that it is a moral duty of everyone of the world to be charitable towards suffering, needy and insolent people. So it is the duty of everyone who can afford help to the pitiable human beings. Offering charity is the virtue of the kind-hearted personalities.

How do you fulfill tzedakah?

Tzedakah can be fulfilled by giving money to the poor, to health-care institutions, to synagogues or Jewish educational institutions, or by giving assistance or doing good for others.

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