What does Giles Corey mean when he claims I have broke charity with her?

When Giles interrupts the court, Martha Corey is on trial. … He says that he “broke Charity” with her because he unintentionally gave the court cause to accuse Martha of being a witch early when he talked about her. Explain how Francis offends Deputy Governor Danforth. He says the girls are frauds.

What does it mean to break charity with someone How did Giles break charity with his wife?

How has Giles “broke charity with the woman”? Giles has broken charity with the woman by breaking her trust. He claims that his wife has read a strange book and this gets her accused of witchcraft. By breaking the sacred trust of their marriage, he breaks charity with this woman.

What is Giles claim?

Giles Corey claims to have evidence that ____________________________________________ is “reaching out for land.” … Cheever comes forth with evidence against Proctor to which Proctor responds, “It were a temper sir, I knew not what I did.” What is Proctor talking about?

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What does Giles Corey claim when he enters the courtroom?

Giles claims that Putnam is killing his neighbors for land. He mentioned his wife’s book reading and now she is in jail.

Who said I have broke charity with the woman I have broke charity with her?

“I have broke charity with the woman, I have broke charity with her.” Said by Giles Corey; he is ashamed because he was the one who convicted his wife by saying she was reading strange books.

What actions of proctors are used against him?

How is Giles’s deposition turned against him? Parris invalidates them by calling Proctor a bad Christian and telling the court how he doesn’t go to church and even works on Sunday, Sabbath day. Giles deposition is turned against him when he is unwilling to betray anyone else.

What will delay Elizabeth’s hanging?

What will delay Elizabeth’s hanging? Her pregnancy.

Why does Hale quit the court?

At the end of Act 3, Reverend Hale quits the court in Salem out of frustration because he sees that irrationality and hysteria have taken over the proceedings.

Why does Proctor reveal his relationship with Abby?

When he admits to the court that he had an affair with Abigail, his reasoning is simply to expose Abigail as a fraud. He does this in an attempt to save his wife and all of the innocent people who are being accused and condemned of witchcraft and to bring truth and justice back to Salem.

Why does Giles Corey die?

August 1611 – September 19, 1692) was an English-born American farmer who was accused of witchcraft along with his wife Martha Corey during the Salem witch trials.

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Giles Corey
Cause of death Pressed to Death
Occupation Farmer
Criminal charge(s) Witchcraft (rehabilitated)
Criminal penalty None (died unconvicted)

What happened to Giles Corey and why?

We learn of his tragic fate in Act Four, when Elizabeth Proctor informs her husband, John, of his death. Giles refused to respond to the charges against him and was pressed to death. His accusers placed huge stones on his chest until he died.

What happened to Giles Corey Why what did he say as he died?

Danforth and the court torture Giles. They lay heavy stones on top of him, slowly crushing him to death. His last words are “more weight”. … This tortuous procedure was used on Giles to make him answer the charges against him and to force him to name others for the court.

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