Who appointed as the celebrity advocate for children’s rights campaign titled as for every child by Unicef?

Is BTS ambassador of UNICEF?

BTS has been appointed as the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture‘ by the President of South Korea Moon Jae In. … BTS has attended the the UN General Assembly twice before due to their association with the anti-violence campaign with UNICEF.

Who is the head of UNICEF?

Is ayushmann khurrana down to earth?

Khurrana is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities and is delighted to work for the children who are in need, by talking about it, the actor said, “I am very pleased to partner with UNICEF as a celebrity advocate.

Which Indian actor has been named as the celebrity advocate for UNICEF?

Notes: UNICEF India chosen Indian actor Ayushmann Khurrana, as a celebrity to advocate its child rights campaign named “For Every Child”. The actor would support UNICEF in its work around India to end violence against children.

Who is the brand ambassador of Apple?

Shah Rukh Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Apple Inc, which is the World’s Most Valued Company in terms of Market Capitalisation.

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