Your question: When was Khaya Volunteer project funded?

How was Khaya Volunteer projects funded?

Khaya supports a variety of volunteering projects and individuals financially on a monthly basis through the non-profit Izizwe Projects. This organization focusses on uplifting communities in and around Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Some organisations like to shout about ‘trust funds’ and ‘NGOs’.

How does Khaya Volunteer projects support the community?

With us, you can volunteer with children; communities; sports development; healthcare; wildlife conservation; and education projects. Based in Africa, Khaya Volunteer Projects assists local partners and projects in Africa while focusing on responsible and ethical volunteering.

What is the mission and vision of Khaya Volunteer projects?

Our mission is simple but resonant: we provide volunteering opportunities for international travellers that are both unique and as affordable as possible with high standards of service and facilities.

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